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Sorry about not posting...

 I have a real life to live, and that what happened. Sorry. =)

Today I had the foot nurse to pamper our feet (in a way), then Leslie came and we ended up with a beauty day, like I got my nails painted. I have this blue nailpolish that is blue and purple when you turn your hand... I have a pic of my nails...

So they are pretty gnarly... lol yes, it's the 80's again. lol

So, tell me something, do you like my nails? Tell me about it in the comment section.

A really early update..

 I know it's midnight but hey, idgaf if you care or not. It's just time flying by. I just realized that while both Bates Motel and TWD,are on at the same time,  they are on two different days. TWD is on Sunday and Bates Motel is on Monday. *headdesk*

I got to go back to sleep. Foot nurse tomorrow. 


I am totally excited!

 Bates Motel starts February 12th and so does TWD!! OMFG. What should I watch? I want to see Bates Motel bc it's in it's final season. I can always catch up to TWD on YT. :-) Happy happy joy joy! (If you get this... and you are in your teens now, would be flabbergasted. LOL It's this:


Yupp, Ren & Stimpy. Scourge of the 1990's. :-D I still like their shit, they are up my alley. I like weird stuff, I know... but idgaf.

I probably sim later after lunch. I have a tumblr now. I also have a plurk too. :



 Got hit by the wacky stick tonight. Made myself a plurk (bc I am that bad ass) Gotta sleep or I will be a walker tomorrow... btw here is my new plurk ---> https://www.plurk.com/rabidxsquirrel

My fucking watch broke!

 It ... the plastic wristband just went kaput. :-( I need to go to Knappet's one of these days and get it fixed.

I downloaded this tool to make my pc run faster. I wonder if CCleaner would do the job better? idk.

It's getting to be 11am. 

I love cracking my knee. It doesn't hurt ....

I fucking need an hour nap.


Caturday is upon us once more...


I love this meme... the look on the cat's face is hilarious!!!!

Coll and I are just snoozing the day away. And I need to drink a shit ton of water to lower my blood sugars. Also I have to take my humalog pen at each meal so it's a pain in the arse to remember to take it. The sugars should drop off bc I just took the humalog. 

I need to get me some water... and soon bc I'm parched.

Tonight is spaghetti night here where I live. The computer just told me to either kill the page or wait. I'm like fine fine... so I wait... and while I was waiting, I typed a few characters and stupid Chrome 'unfroze' that problem. Computers are so fucking weird sometimes no?


I swapped computers with my sisters

   She is the best. <3

So, y'all know what that means? I can play the Sims2 with all the cc I have! I can start this alphabetacy!!!!


Fuck this shit.

 I am not, I repeat, am not going to watch Trump gets sworn in. He can do all he wants but will the normal folk like this? No fucking way. Ooh, I hope he gets assassinated, JFK shouldn't have been shot. Why the fuck would people harm the only good president ever? I am not an American but I do have friends that are... and I care for them, y'know? 4 years ppl 4 fucking years. (Unless something happens... *evil grin*)
I went bowling today. Slightly disappointed with my final score. But there is always next Friday right?

We are having pizza for lunch today... and fish and chips for dinner. :-)

Sam your thoroughly disgusted greatball

This is fucking hilarious!


I just love this meme, it's cray. :-D



Another lovely for me.

 Hey, it's me Sam, I have a new lovely. Welcom[personal profile] yuusaku to my strange but interesting life. I hate with a passion winter fire alarms.  :-( I am practicing deep breathing like my worker Helen says to do when I feel any stress. :-)




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