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Well, you have made it through my gifs lol... I have quite a bit of them. All of them personify myself. If that makes me look weird then, I have achieved what I wanted to do.

My name is Samantha Josephine, but call me Sam. I am a sister and bff to Colleen <3, I have paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar and Tourettes syndrome... so if mindless ranting, or me swearing like a sailor bugs you, just walk on by. I love Elvis Presley.

And that is that. Any other questions just comment on my blog here. I don't bite... hard that is. :-p


BLTS today for lunch ... mmm....

 I have this Color Me Badd song in my head now. It is very catchy and very cheesy. But I like it still.. it reminds me of when I was a teen =D lol

I am not doing much. I have my favorite TWD shirt. on.

Fucking A baby... 

It's finally snowing! A bit late but wtf anyways... =p

My highlights are mostly gone. I might get them again some times. They went over great! Also I want a tattoo. I want a tiger walking down my arm or I might get a scorpion on my back or my sun sign and my ascendant on my shoulder (Cancer/Sagittarius) ... What do you think? =D Probably the zodiac one. It will hurt less and cost less too.

Fuck yes. I am in a terrific mood. =D

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Football fever...

 Hey... I know it is 3am but who gives a shit? Right? I am so excited for the Superbowl bc my team is in like Flynn... I have a screen shot that I just took of my desktop with the mac's Grab app. I will show you at the end of this post.

I might go back to sleep until about 8am. Might is the operative word here. =) I could pull an all nighter from here on, but I won't bc I want to surf the web I guess. :-)


Here is the pic.

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No subject for you :-)

 I just got up and I had breakfast (two pc toast and butter) Nothing to write home too. I believe that it is snowing once more. Coll & I didn't sleep well last night.. Coll was on her computer and I was on mine and we totally lost track of time.

I hope to get a 2DS from the hock shop and a few games like Pokemon Black 2, and maybe Soul Silver. I miss having your pokemon follow you around. So cute! :-) Anyways, I don't need to go any appts except Helen.

And her sessions with me are a bit boring. All we do is talk talk and yet more talking. I feel jiped (or however you want) Both Coll and Kim Smith have a better worker than I do. Becca, their worker seems more better than Helen. Becca takes them out and buys them something at Tim Hortons. What does my worker do? She wants me to talk about my anxiety and that's all. :-( I feel jealous of Coll and Kim. They get the good worker... while I'm stuck with Helen who basically is a female version of my other worker Craig. He was not a good worker, all he talked about trees and shit like that. He took me out on walks but that isn't what I wanted. I want someone to take me out for coffee or juice or whatevs, do you get the gist? Everyone who has a worker, gets to go places with them. :-(

This is depressing me.


Up at 4....

 I am going to get to bed bc I am tired and if I don't get some sleep, I will act like a zombie, also today I'm seeing Helen and I don't want to fall asleep on her. ^_^ Since updating my Stelazine, I have been seeing things that aren't and I hear men talking about the weather and all that shit when I fall asleep. Fucking hallucinations!!!!!

So, bon nuit.

Let's go back to 1992...

 Just be glad if you were too young to remember this song. The cheese factor is high with this vid. I was in my last year at high school (b4 I got mentally ill and ditched school all together.) and this was popular.. as an adult and listening to this ... holy fuck the feels then? Oy. lol

I liked Debbie Gibson too back in the 80's well wtf I grew up in the 80's. Those were the days... I feel incredibly old now. I'm 42 years old. 43 this July. I remember a lot of shit that was popular back in the 80's and 90's.

I better stop b4 I embarrass myself any longer. ^_~

Helen is coming tomorrow for just to talk. I wish she and I could get coffee or something.

Talk is cheap I guess.


Of drinking water and just futzing around the web...

 You know how there is something called the Deep or Dark web? I am curious about it. I am not going to enter it but I just want to hear who accessed it. Have any of my little lovelies been there? Ehh.. I can listen to Corpse Husband or Lazy Masquerade for stuff like that. I am one fucked up girly... 

As for the subject, I drink a shitload of water bc not only is it healthy, and helps with weight loss... but it also lowers the blood sugars along with diabetes too. I'm drinking it now -- so cold your teeth hurt even if you don't have sensitive teeth.. I hate lukewarm water. And about futzing about, I keep looking for a free website builder (bc my HTML/CSS is rusty... I used to know a bit of HTML/CSS... but not now. I suck majorly. :-/

My real mom's birthday is St. Patrick's Day... do you think I give a fuck? No. I don't. She is an utter basketcase.


Morning y'all...

 I just got up, and I'm pretty happy! I guess Dr. B's increase in my Wellbutrin helped. It finally kicked in. No, I'm not a smoker/huffer but Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant too. Check out the WebMD page on Wellbutrin.

Today is Tuesday, and you know what that means! It means LAMP! (Lunch at my place) They have the best lunches ever. Sometimes it is the simple soup & sandwiches to like mac n cheese, plus they have little snacks like cheese points, cinnamon buns, and water and juice, tea/coffee. And the dessert is heavenly, some times it's cake, others ice cream or fruit salad with a cookie. That luncheon is the best. EVER. The only food better than LAMP is Toby's Good Eats in downtown Toronto. They have THE best msc and cheese.

Enough about that. I'm going to check the weather. Rain and snow... and you know what that means, it means slush and when it gets colder (-2C today) it turns into ice. #wethenorth Canadians love to bitch about the weather. 

Sam your greatball.