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BLTS today for lunch ... mmm....

 I have this Color Me Badd song in my head now. It is very catchy and very cheesy. But I like it still.. it reminds me of when I was a teen =D lol

I am not doing much. I have my favorite TWD shirt. on.

Fucking A baby... 

It's finally snowing! A bit late but wtf anyways... =p

My highlights are mostly gone. I might get them again some times. They went over great! Also I want a tattoo. I want a tiger walking down my arm or I might get a scorpion on my back or my sun sign and my ascendant on my shoulder (Cancer/Sagittarius) ... What do you think? =D Probably the zodiac one. It will hurt less and cost less too.

Fuck yes. I am in a terrific mood. =D

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