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No subject for you :-)

 I just got up and I had breakfast (two pc toast and butter) Nothing to write home too. I believe that it is snowing once more. Coll & I didn't sleep well last night.. Coll was on her computer and I was on mine and we totally lost track of time.

I hope to get a 2DS from the hock shop and a few games like Pokemon Black 2, and maybe Soul Silver. I miss having your pokemon follow you around. So cute! :-) Anyways, I don't need to go any appts except Helen.

And her sessions with me are a bit boring. All we do is talk talk and yet more talking. I feel jiped (or however you want) Both Coll and Kim Smith have a better worker than I do. Becca, their worker seems more better than Helen. Becca takes them out and buys them something at Tim Hortons. What does my worker do? She wants me to talk about my anxiety and that's all. :-( I feel jealous of Coll and Kim. They get the good worker... while I'm stuck with Helen who basically is a female version of my other worker Craig. He was not a good worker, all he talked about trees and shit like that. He took me out on walks but that isn't what I wanted. I want someone to take me out for coffee or juice or whatevs, do you get the gist? Everyone who has a worker, gets to go places with them. :-(

This is depressing me.

Tags: pokemon, stupid workers who don't listen
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