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Of drinking water and just futzing around the web...

 You know how there is something called the Deep or Dark web? I am curious about it. I am not going to enter it but I just want to hear who accessed it. Have any of my little lovelies been there? Ehh.. I can listen to Corpse Husband or Lazy Masquerade for stuff like that. I am one fucked up girly... 

As for the subject, I drink a shitload of water bc not only is it healthy, and helps with weight loss... but it also lowers the blood sugars along with diabetes too. I'm drinking it now -- so cold your teeth hurt even if you don't have sensitive teeth.. I hate lukewarm water. And about futzing about, I keep looking for a free website builder (bc my HTML/CSS is rusty... I used to know a bit of HTML/CSS... but not now. I suck majorly. :-/

My real mom's birthday is St. Patrick's Day... do you think I give a fuck? No. I don't. She is an utter basketcase.

Tags: drinking a lot of h2o, rambling along
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